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Auto Insurance in Minnesota

When it comes to auto insurance, the truth is that most people do not spend nearly enough time shopping around. After all, doing so can be pretty tedious due to all of the different options out there as well as the need to find a policy quickly. But consumers can often save a lot of time and stress by going with an insurance broker rather than directly with a provider. This is especially true for drivers in Minnesota, and those living in Edina, MN and surrounding areas should consider Central Lakes Insurance Brokers. Here's why:

Insurance Laws in Minnesota Have Become More Stringent

As many drivers are already all too aware of, the state of Minnesota has tightened its auto insurance laws and regulations over the years. All drivers in the land of a thousand lakes must meet minimum coverage of no-fault insurance, liability insurance, and uninsured driver's insurance. It can be difficult to make sure you're meeting these requirements when just signing up for insurance through a website, but Central Lakes Insurance Brokers does the hard work for their clients to make sure they have everything they need.

Narrowing Down Which Insurance Provider is Right for You

Central Lakes Insurance Brokers offers clients in the Edina, MN area more than 40 different insurance companies to choose from. But to keep things from becoming overwhelming (as they often do when drivers are trying to get insurance all on their own), Central Lakes Insurance Brokers gets to know each client personally and take their individual wants and needs into account before compiling a list of the insurance providers that will best fit these.

Small Town Personality with Big League Insurance Providers

Some drivers may feel some reluctance going with an insurance broker due to the fear of corporate attitudes and the care of sales over everything else. But this isn't the atmosphere at Central Lakes. With locations in both Edina and Brainerd, we strive to earn- not buy- the business of local Minnesotans everywhere while still offering the same array of options that big city firms have. With us, you never have to worry. Call, fill out our online form, or drop by our office today for your complimentary auto insurance quote.