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Commercial Insurance in Minnesota

In Minnesota, many different types of insurance coverage fall under the umbrella of commercial insurance. Some may apply to your business and others may not. Learning about the different branches of commercial insurance can help you determine which types you need if you are looking to obtain commercial insurance. Here are a few of the different areas that commercial insurance can help your business from Central Lakes Insurance Brokers in Edina, MN.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Your regular auto insurance policy will not cover cars that are used for business purposes. If you have a business and you use either your own automobile or business automobiles, you will want a commercial auto insurance policy. This policy helps to cover those who drive the car for business use.

Business Insurance

Business insurance covers many different things. It may include workers compensation insurance, general liability coverage, contractors insurance, and professional liability insurance. Every business has different business insurance needs. Let us look at your business and determine which coverage you need. It is important to discuss the needs of your business with an agent, so we can get an idea of what coverage will work best for your company.

Commercial Building Insurance

Commercial building insurance helps to cover the commercial building that your Minnesota business is operating in. If you own the building or are renting, you need commercial building owners insurance. Commercial building insurance helps to protect you against fire, theft, and certain natural disasters in your building. It covers not only the building itself but the items that are stored in the building, such as your computer equipment or your store inventory.

If you own a business, commercial insurance is a must. Contact Central Lakes Insurance Brokers, serving the greater Edina, MN area today, to get an estimate for your new commercial insurance policy today. We can help you put together a policy that fits both your needs and your budget.