Should I Keep Recreational Insurance All Year Round?

A proverb goes, all work without play makes Jill and Jack dull. After a week-long at work, you may need to take that weekend away and unwind. You may choose to have it within your area of residence or maybe take a road trip to a destination miles away from home. At such a time, your plan is to relax and have a fun-filled trip; the last thing you want is an incidence of loss. Central Lakes Insurance Brokers serving Edina, MN, offers recreational insurance to help you secure your vehicle.

Secure Your Fun All Year Round!

Your recreational vehicle may not be in use all year round, but it is crucial that you ensure you are covered all year round by your recreational insurance because of the following reasons:

  • This may cause damage to your recreational vehicle as well as the other parties in the event of a collision. The insurance will therefore cover the repair of either of the destroyed vehicles. In the event of irreversible destruction or loss through theft, the insurance will cover total replacement.
  • Injury caused by an accident during travel. When a passenger gets an injury as a result of an accident during travel using the recreational vehicle, the insurance then covers their treatment,
  • If there is a break-in where your recreational vehicle is parked and your recreational vehicle is stolen, your recreational insurance cover will be of great assistance towards its replacement.

Are you a resident of Edina, MN? Consider insuring your recreational vehicle all year round to protect yourself from the potential distress that may come with unexpected damage or loss. At Central Lakes Insurance Brokers, we will ensure you are at peace during your road trip. Renew your recreational insurance, and you can now go on that road trip or engage in that recreational activity stress-free because we have you covered all year round.

Is There A Time Period to Purchase Recreational Insurance?

Recreational insurance provides specialized coverage for recreational vehicles not provided by home or auto insurance policies. These are more than campers and motor homes. Central Lakes Insurance Brokers in Edina, MN covers:

  • All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
  • Dirt Bikes
  • Snowmobiles
  • Golf Carts
  • Scooters
  • Mopeds
  • Dune Buggies

Why Recreational Insurance Is Needed

Recreational insurance covers liabilities similar to other vehicle policies. For instance, it pays for damaged property or injuries to you or another party. Further, it can help repair your recreational vehicle due to an accident or vandalism or compensate you when it’s stolen.

What’s the Deadline to Obtain Recreational Insurance

Recreational insurance isn’t mandatory in Minnesota. However, the agents at Central Lakes Insurance Brokers recommended it for owners in Edina, MN. For this reason, it’s best to obtain a policy not long after you purchase the vehicle. You won’t be protected if you buy recreational insurance after an accident or injury.

How Much Does Recreational Insurance Cost?

The cost of a recreational insurance policy depends on a few factors. For example, the type of vehicle and its age. Premiums for a brand new dune buggy could be more than a 10-year-old moped.

Another factor is the amount of requested liability coverage. Although there’s a recommended minimum, you may want to increase the values depending on the frequency and where you’ll use the vehicle. How much you want to pay for deductibles also determines your cost. The higher your out-of-pocket payments, the lower your premiums.

In the end, don’t get on your ATV or snowmobile without first considering recreational insurance. Contact a company representative for additional information. 

What Can Recreation Insurance do for You?

Some of your best days are spent out and about on your ATV or in your RV. These recreational vehicles bring joy to millions of Americans every year. So, why wouldn’t you protect that investment with a recreational insurance policy? Simply put, this type of insurance is meant for recreational vehicles.

However, it is important to note that purchasing coverage for some recreational vehicles like boats, requires a completely separate policy. In Edina, MN, the Central Lakes Insurance Brokers are the agents you will want to speak with about purchasing a recreational insurance policy.

The Basics of Recreational Insurance Policies

One convenient truth about recreational insurance is that it can be attached to most home and auto policies! This makes it easy to provide coverage for those off-roading vehicles you enjoy so much. There will be exclusions to which vehicles qualify for coverage under this type of policy.

For instance, it typically boils down to whether or not you drive the vehicle on the road. So, if you have a set of four-wheelers or ATVs that you only drive on your property, then chances are you can get coverage. Your insurance agent from Central Lakes Insurance Brokers can give you more details about what vehicles can be covered under a recreational insurance policy.

Benefits of Pairing Your Recreational Insurance with a Home or Auto Policy

Many times, insurance companies will offer discounts when you bundle your insurance policies. Whether your policies qualify for bundling depends on which ones you have. However, it is always a good idea to consult with your insurance agent about how you can keep prices low. 

If you are able to bundle a recreational insurance policy with your auto policy, know that there are great benefits to doing so. For example, the coverage you receive could cover things like bodily injury, property damage, and so forth. Contact Central Lakes Insurance Brokers in Edina, MN for your recreational insurance policy!

How Does Recreational Insurance Work with Your Other Policies?

Central Lakes Insurance Brokers wants you to understand how your recreational insurance works with other insurance policies you own.

When you have more than one policy, your Edina, MN home insurance liability pays out first, if an accident occurs with your RV. Your recreational policy pays out after you exhaust the liability from your home policy. If you have umbrella insurance, this kicks in after the recreational policy.

When would this occur? Let’s say you take a vacation with your family and next-door neighbors. The six of you travel in your RV. While on the trip, one of your neighbors falls down the steps leaving the RV, and breaks his leg.

First, the liability portion of your home owner’s insurance pays for the medical costs. Perhaps the break was really bad and required surgery. This caused the medical bill to exceed the liability coverage of your home policy.

Your recreational policy covers the rest of the medical bills. Let’s say the medical bills maxed out the liability coverage on this policy, too. That is when your umbrella insurance kicks in. It covers the remainder of the costs.

Your RV policy also covers the physical damage to your RV. Perhaps when your neighbor fell, they grabbed for a handrail or the RV door and that made matters worse. They tore part of the door down and entangled themselves in the steps, wrenching it partway off of the RV. Your RV policy pays for the RV repairs, too.

Central Lakes Insurance Brokers of Edina, MN wants you to understand your insurance policy and how it works with other policies. Knowing the inter-workings of your insurance policies helps you make informed decisions about coverage amounts and policy riders. Call us today for more information.

Recreational Insurance for Beginners

When you think of recreational insurance, you may think solely of RVs. However, recreational insurance covers a much larger variety of vehicles than just RVs. Other vehicles like ATVs and vehicles designed for off-roading are covered under recreational insurance. If you own any vehicle that fits that description, then learn how you can stay covered with Central Lakes Insurance Brokers. 

What Does Recreational Insurance Cover?

Recreational insurance provides you coverage for your recreational vehicles the same way auto insurance covers your standard vehicles. Here are some areas in which recreational insurance provides coverage: 

  • Injury 
  • Property damage
  • Liability
  • Medical payments 
  • Personal injury

These are just some of the areas for which recreational insurance provides coverage. To find out what coverage type would be best for you, feel free to seek a consultation from Central Lakes Insurance Brokers.  

Why Get Recreational Insurance?

Your recreational vehicles are designed to go places standard cars can’t. While it can be fun to traverse the backroads, vehicles can be more prone to sustain damage going off the road. That’s why you need to have the proper coverage as repairs or replacements can be expensive. 

Just like you would want to protect your car from damage done in an accident, you want to protect your recreational vehicle from damage done off-roading. You may think nothing bad could happen on the backroads due to the lower amount of traffic and possible animals. However, rough and unfamiliar terrain can be dangerous at times and accidents can be extreme. 

Stay Covered with Central Lakes Insurance Brokers

When you need coverage you can rely on, visit Central Lakes Insurance Brokers. Their office is located in Edina, MN. You can contact them online to get a consultation on what type of recreational coverage would be best for your vehicle and driving habits. Get the coverage you need with Central Lakes Insurance Brokers. 

Three mistakes to avoid when you purchase recreational insurance

It’s essential to invest in the right recreational insurance policy to protect the value of your recreational vehicle. Unfortunately, RV owners often make costly mistakes when they purchase their recreational insurance policy.

At Central Lakes Insurance Brokers, we offer recreational insurance policies to RV owners in the Brainerd and Edina, MN areas. We recommend that consumers avoid the following three mistakes when they purchase recreational insurance. 

Buying a policy based on price alone

Quality is essential when it comes to recreational insurance. The cheapest policy out there is not likely to offer as many features and as much coverage as policies that cost a little more.

Evaluate policies fully and don’t just look at the price. You should also look at aspects of the policy, like the customer service of the provider and the amount of the coverage maximums. 

Rushing and not putting enough thought into choosing a policy

Take your time and do your research. Remember that you might need your recreational insurance down the road to cover damages made to your RV or other recreational vehicles. Choosing the wrong policy could set you back financially.

Shop around and get quotes from different providers. Then, analyze all the features that come along with each policy. You should also research the reputation of providers and look for reviews on insurance companies before purchasing a policy from them. 

Being unaware of discounts you’re eligible for

You should save money where you can. You may qualify for specific discounts on your recreational insurance policy. Discounts for recreational vehicle owners are commonly available to include multiple vehicle discounts, discounts for having anti-theft or safety devices installed, and discounts for having a good driving record. 

If you want to learn more about recreational insurance options in Brainerd or Edina, MN, contact us at Central Lakes Insurance Brokers.


Recreational Insurance for Lake Property Owners

We at Central Lakes Insurance Brokers know that Edina, MN, and individuals in the surrounding area have many lakes from which they can choose for their recreational fun. And if you own property on any of these lakes, you may want to consider high-quality recreational insurance.

Insurance Protects Your Vehicles

When you own property on a lake, you likely already own a large number of fun vehicles. High-quality recreational coverage is designed to cover these items, even if they are located in a single spot. In this way, you can get the most protection for your sometimes expensive items.

For example, if you have a camper, a boat, jet skis, or other vehicles that you use primarily for recreation, you should get them covered with a new policy. This option is an excellent choice if you have already spent good money on your property and want to keep it looking great.

Policies Also Cover Your Property

If you own recreational vehicles on your property, you also likely own buildings to hold these items. Thankfully, there are some situations in which your recreational insurance may help to protect against damage to these buildings.

While this type of coverage isn’t designed specifically for buildings like these, you may get some coverage in certain situations. For example, an accident on a dock or a boathouse caused by a recreational vehicle may be covered under the liability clause of your insurance policy.

Get Coverage Today

So if you own lake property in Edina, MN, the land of lakes, and you want recreational insurance for your belongings, make sure to contact us at Central Lakes Insurance Brokers to learn more. Our experts will set you up with a policy that meets your needs and which satisfies your purchasing decision.

What Is Covered By Recreational Insurance?

People love their RVs. It’s a significant investment, and no one makes it unless they plan to use the vehicle regularly. That makes it even more critical to have the right insurance coverage for your RV. While you compare policies, you might wonder what is and isn’t covered. According to the experts at Central Lakes Insurance Brokers in Edina, MN, these are the primary components of coverage.

Loss/Replacement Coverage

The primary purpose of insuring your RV is to make sure you can repair or replace it if it suffers a catastrophe. This coverage is extremely similar to traditional car insurance. The policy will be structured around the value of the vehicle. Deductibles and premiums will vary, but the idea is pretty straightforward.

Liability Coverage

It’s not the first thing on most people’s minds when they get recreational insurance, but liability is arguably the most important part of your policy. If your RV is involved in an accident that hurts a person or damages property, liability is there to bail you out of trouble. If you drive the RV on roads in Edina, MN, or anywhere else, you’ll be required by law to have liability coverage.

Residential Coverage

Some people love their RV enough to live in it. There’s nothing wrong with that, but using the RV as a full-time residence can make insurance a little complicated. You’ll need some amount of residential coverage. It protects from very different things than the vehicular components of your policy, and it’s vital if losing the RV means being homeless. Keep in mind that residential coverage isn’t standard for RV policies, so you’ll have to make sure it gets added to your deal.

Aside from primary coverage, there are tons of little things you can add to a policy. Vacation insurance and roadside assistance are just the first that come to mind. If you want to make the most of having an RV in Edina, MN, you should work with your agent. Central Lakes Insurance Brokers offers the help you need to get the perfect policy.