Should I Keep Recreational Insurance All Year Round?

A proverb goes, all work without play makes Jill and Jack dull. After a week-long at work, you may need to take that weekend away and unwind. You may choose to have it within your area of residence or maybe take a road trip to a destination miles away from home. At such a time, your plan is to relax and have a fun-filled trip; the last thing you want is an incidence of loss. Central Lakes Insurance Brokers serving Edina, MN, offers recreational insurance to help you secure your vehicle.

Secure Your Fun All Year Round!

Your recreational vehicle may not be in use all year round, but it is crucial that you ensure you are covered all year round by your recreational insurance because of the following reasons:

  • This may cause damage to your recreational vehicle as well as the other parties in the event of a collision. The insurance will therefore cover the repair of either of the destroyed vehicles. In the event of irreversible destruction or loss through theft, the insurance will cover total replacement.
  • Injury caused by an accident during travel. When a passenger gets an injury as a result of an accident during travel using the recreational vehicle, the insurance then covers their treatment,
  • If there is a break-in where your recreational vehicle is parked and your recreational vehicle is stolen, your recreational insurance cover will be of great assistance towards its replacement.

Are you a resident of Edina, MN? Consider insuring your recreational vehicle all year round to protect yourself from the potential distress that may come with unexpected damage or loss. At Central Lakes Insurance Brokers, we will ensure you are at peace during your road trip. Renew your recreational insurance, and you can now go on that road trip or engage in that recreational activity stress-free because we have you covered all year round.

How to Choose the Right Health Insurance for Your Entire Family

Health insurance is the type of protection you don’t want to be without in life. This is especially true if you have a mid-sized to large family to think about. Even healthy people who take good care of themselves can face the unexpected, so it’s essential to be prepared.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing a health insurance plan that will be appropriate for everyone in your household. And be sure to call your Central Lakes Insurance Brokers agent to go over any further questions you might have.

Make sure your doctors and hospitals of choice are included.

If you have a decent-sized family, then the chances are pretty good that you already have doctors, clinics, and hospitals that you’ve come to trust with your collective health. These are providers that know your history and with whom your children are comfortable, as well. You’ll pay more to seek services outside your policy’s specified network, so make sure any essential providers are included.

Check to ensure ongoing needs are covered.

Do any of your children have chronic conditions that require management or medication? Do you or your spouse expect to need treatment for something specific in the near future? Make sure the plan you’re considering will cover the essential treatments you need and the frequency and duration you need them for.

Find out whether you’re covered away from home.

Families travel for various reasons, including yearly vacations and out-of-town trips to visit relatives. But you should never just assume your health plan will cover you just as well outside your usual service area. Check to ensure you’ll still be covered no matter where your family journeys may take you.

Ready to give your family the gift of superior peace of mind? Get in touch with a Central Lakes Insurance Brokers agent in Edina, MN today to review your plan and ensure it’s in step with your needs.

Top ten tips to prepare a home for a storm

It’s important to be prepared for a storm before it hits. Here are ten tips on how to do just that.

  1. Make a list of the supplies you will need ahead of time, such as flashlights, batteries, emergency candles, first aid supplies, and extra blankets and clothing.
  2. Fill your bathtub with water before the storm hits so that you have a source of fresh water to drink or use for cleaning if necessary.
  3. Also, fill up jugs and bottles with clean water to have a backup supply if tap water becomes unavailable.
  4. Gather food and snacks that do not require refrigeration, such as canned goods, dried fruit and nuts, granola bars, and crackers.
  5. Charge all your electronic devices, like your phone and laptop, so that you can stay connected to the outside world during the storm.
  6. Put important papers and documents in a safe place to protect them from damage or theft. This might include insurance policies, birth certificates, credit card statements, and tax forms.
  7. If possible, park your car in the garage to avoid damage from flying debris or falling trees.
  8. Bring any outdoor furniture or decorations that could be blown around by high winds, such as patio umbrellas, garden gnomes, and bird feeders.
  9. Lock your windows and doors before the storm hits to keep out wind and rain.
  10. Monitor the weather forecast constantly and make any necessary changes to your storm preparedness plan, such as preparing additional supplies or moving to a safer location.

If you have questions about your home’s insurance coverage, give Central Lakes Insurance Brokers a call today. We proudly serve the Edina, MN area.

How to Protect Your Online Business

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been in business for years, it’s important to know how to protect your online business. With so many threats out there, from cyber attacks to data breaches, it’s essential to have a plan to keep your business safe. In this guide, Central Lakes Insurance Brokers of Edina, MN will cover everything you need to know to keep your business safe online.

Why You Need to Protect Your Online Business

As an online business owner, you are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of your website and its visitors. There are many threats to an online business, including hacking, phishing, and malware. These threats can steal sensitive information, damage your reputation, and cost you money.

Protecting your online business is essential to its success. By taking steps to secure your website and its data, you can prevent these threats from causing harm. You can also create a plan to recover from an attack if one occurs quickly.

There are many steps you can take to protect your online business. First, you should ensure your website is hosted on a secure server. You should also install security software and set up firewalls. Additionally, you should create strong passwords and encrypt your data. Finally, you should keep your software up to date and educate your employees about security threats.

Do You Need Insurance for a Website Business?

You need insurance to protect yourself from potential liability if you have a website business. If someone sues you for something related to your website business, your insurance will help pay for your legal defense. Even if you are not sued, but someone makes a claim against you, your insurance can help cover the cost of any damages you are found liable for.

Without insurance, you would be fully responsible for any costs associated with a lawsuit or claim against your website business. This could include the cost of your legal defense, any damages you are ordered to pay, and other related expenses. Insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that you are protected financially if something goes wrong.

If you’re looking for commercial business insurance in Edina, MN, look no further than Central Lakes Insurance Brokers. Give us a call or stop by our office today, and we’ll be happy to help you find the right policy for your business.

Five Common Mistakes Homeowners Make With Their Insurance

There are so many important decisions that need to be made when you own a house. From mortgage payments to home repairs, it can be easy to let some things fall through the cracks. However, one thing you can’t afford to neglect is your home insurance policy. Homeowners insurance protects your biggest investment, so it’s important to make sure you have the right coverage. Central Lakes Insurance Brokers can help residents in Edina, MN avoid common mistakes. Here are a few of them.

Mistake 1: Not having enough coverage

Your home is likely your most valuable asset, so you’ll want to make sure it’s properly protected in the event of a fire, theft, or other disasters. Central Lakes Insurance Brokers will work with you to make sure you have adequate coverage for your home and belongings.

Mistake 2: Not reviewing your policy regularly

Your needs as a homeowner will change over time, so it’s important to review your insurance policy on a regular basis. At a minimum, you should review your policy once a year when coverage renews.

Mistake 3: Not considering the value of your belongings

Over time, you are likely going to add more expensive items to your home. Be sure to keep your insurance policy up-to-date so that it reflects the value of your belongings.

Mistake 4: Not asking questions

Your home is a big investment, so you want to be sure that you understand your insurance policy. It’s important to know what coverages you have to review and change as necessary.

Mistake 5: Not using an independent insurance agent

An independent insurance agent can give you the personalized attention you deserve. They will take the time to get to know you and your needs in order to find the best policy for you.

Central Lakes Insurance Brokers is an independent insurance agent serving Edina, MN. Contact us today for all your insurance needs or if you would like to request a free estimate.

Is There A Time Period to Purchase Recreational Insurance?

Recreational insurance provides specialized coverage for recreational vehicles not provided by home or auto insurance policies. These are more than campers and motor homes. Central Lakes Insurance Brokers in Edina, MN covers:

  • All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
  • Dirt Bikes
  • Snowmobiles
  • Golf Carts
  • Scooters
  • Mopeds
  • Dune Buggies

Why Recreational Insurance Is Needed

Recreational insurance covers liabilities similar to other vehicle policies. For instance, it pays for damaged property or injuries to you or another party. Further, it can help repair your recreational vehicle due to an accident or vandalism or compensate you when it’s stolen.

What’s the Deadline to Obtain Recreational Insurance

Recreational insurance isn’t mandatory in Minnesota. However, the agents at Central Lakes Insurance Brokers recommended it for owners in Edina, MN. For this reason, it’s best to obtain a policy not long after you purchase the vehicle. You won’t be protected if you buy recreational insurance after an accident or injury.

How Much Does Recreational Insurance Cost?

The cost of a recreational insurance policy depends on a few factors. For example, the type of vehicle and its age. Premiums for a brand new dune buggy could be more than a 10-year-old moped.

Another factor is the amount of requested liability coverage. Although there’s a recommended minimum, you may want to increase the values depending on the frequency and where you’ll use the vehicle. How much you want to pay for deductibles also determines your cost. The higher your out-of-pocket payments, the lower your premiums.

In the end, don’t get on your ATV or snowmobile without first considering recreational insurance. Contact a company representative for additional information. 

Get Better Liability Protection With Umbrella Insurance

If you’re familiar with how insurance protects you, you know how important it is to have plenty of liability coverage. Most people with home and auto insurance policies believe they have plenty of liability coverage, but this might not be the case. Many home and auto policies have little liability coverage, leaving you vulnerable after a severe accident. When you want more liability coverage, umbrella insurance can provide it. Call us at Central Lakes Insurance Brokers in Edina, MN to find out more.

Add to Your Other Policies

Umbrella insurance works a little differently from most insurance policies. It adds extra liability insurance to both your auto and home policies at the same time. It boosts the liability of both so that you are better covered in the event of an accident. It’s common for people with little liability coverage not to have enough insurance to cover the medical bills and other expenses that are due after an accident. When this happens, it leaves an overage for the policyholder to pay independently. But when you have umbrella insurance, you have more liability coverage, and that policy will pay for that overage. 

Reaching Coverage Maximums

Once an accident happens, your home or auto policy, whichever covers the accident, comes in and pays as much as it can toward that accident. However, it can only pay up until its maximum coverage. This won’t be extremely high if you don’t have much liability insurance. After that, your umbrella policy can pay the rest owed. Umbrella policies have high maximum payouts. 

Get Your Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella policy may be right for you if you want more liability coverage. Call us today at Central Lakes Insurance Brokers in Edina, MN.

Adding to Your Health Insurance

Under federal law, your employer must provide health insurance. The federal law also mandates what it must cover as a minimum, but you may find that your insurance still doesn’t cover all of the items you want it to cover.

You can add a personal policy to your employer-provided package. Central Lakes Insurance Brokers serving Edina, MN can help you do it.

Health Insurance: What You Need To Know

Supplemental Policies Aren’t Just for Medicare

Most people think of Medicare when they think of supplemental health policies. While that does provide the most common reference point for most individuals, a 20-year-old or a 30-year-old could just as easily purchase a health insurance policy in addition to the one they buy through their college’s group plan or that their employer provides.

What Does Supplemental Health Insurance Offer?

A supplemental policy might cover prescriptions or improved hospital coverage. It may offer preventative care or extra coverage for physical therapy or other extensive rehabilitative services. You also might want coverage for items that typical health insurance doesn’t cover, such as dental or vision.

Perhaps your employer’s insurance maxes out quickly on items you would use frequently due to a health condition that you or your dependent experience. You can purchase a second health insurance plan to cover those needs. While this still requires small premiums each month, it can save you big time on medical care costs, especially if you choose a prescription drug plan that provides you with a steep discount on medications.

Contact Us Today

Contact Central Lakes Insurance Brokers serving Edina, MN today to learn about supplementing your health insurance provided by your employer or school. Let us help you obtain the coverage you need.

How much life insurance is enough?

Life insurance is something that you do to protect your family and loved ones, not yourself. It is not easy to think about since it brings to mind your death and perhaps even an untimely one. As hard as it may be, it is necessary if your family is to be provided for. At Central Lakes Insurance Brokers in Edina, MN, we are here to help with this challenging decision. We have many options to offer to make it easy and affordable to get enough life insurance. 

Your life insurance needs do not stay the same for your entire life. When you are young and single, your needs will be lower than once you have a family. Still, when it comes to determining how much certain considerations remain the same.

Who depends on you?

Even if you are single, there may be people who depend on you. How would they manage if you were not there to help them out? That may help shape the amount of life insurance that is enough for you. 

Do you have any debt?

The last thing that most people want to do is to leave their family or loved ones with bills to pay if something should happen to you. You need to have enough for final expenses and any debt, and if you don’t have cash, life insurance covers that. 

How much is enough?

The actual amount is determined by what you earn yearly and how many years you need to provide income. If you have young children, it can be many years. Take the number of years and multiply it by your income, and you have a figure to shoot for. 

Contact Central Lakes Insurance Brokers in Edina, MN to get the help you need to ensure you have enough life insurance.

Do You Need Auto Insurance in Edina, MN?

If you’re a driver in Edina, MN, you need auto insurance. That’s because Minnesota requires all drivers to have liability coverage. If you cause an accident, your insurance will pay for the damage to the other person’s vehicle if you’re at fault.

Liability Coverage

There are other types of auto insurance coverage available, but liability is the only one required by the state of Minnesota. If you cause an accident and your damages exceed your liability coverage, you’ll have to pay for the rest out of your pocket. That means you could technically get by with just this one type of coverage, but it’s not recommended.

Other Types of Coverage

If you want to be fully protected, you’ll need more than a liability policy, such as collision and comprehensive.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage will pay for the damage to your vehicle if you cause an accident. This type of coverage is optional, but it’s a good idea if you want to be protected from paying out of pocket for repairs to your vehicle. Your Central Lakes Insurance Brokers representative can help you find the best policy for your needs.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage will pay for the damage to your vehicle if it’s damaged in an incident that’s not an accident, such as a storm or theft. This type of coverage is optional unless you have a vehicle loan, which may require extra insurance. However, it’s still a good idea so that you won’t find yourself without a car and extensive repair bills.

If you’re a driver in Edina, MN, it’s crucial to have auto insurance. Make sure you have liability coverage to protect you from an accident. You may also want to have collision and comprehensive coverage to protect your car in other situations. Your Central Lakes Insurance Brokers representative can help you find the best policy for your needs.