How To Talk To Aging Parents About Driving Safety

Addressing challenges with aging parents can feel awkward and uncomfortable. However, as an adult child, you must help your aging parents navigate these years safely. This means addressing important topics such as driving safety. Here at Central Lakes Insurance Brokers, serving Edina, MN, we want to help you with these important topics. Keep reading to learn more about talking with parents about driving safety. 

Address Problems Quickly

If your aging parent is already experiencing safety issues with driving, you cannot ignore the problems. Even though this may feel very foreign to you, you must address the problems quickly for their safety. Driving safety issues could include traffic violations, accidents, or near accidents. Please pay attention to anything your parent shares concerning close calls they may have had while driving. A great way to gauge how well your parent is driving now is to intermittently ride with them somewhere as they drive. 

Be Gentle When Addressing Problems 

Your parent will react better to a conversation that is founded on compassion and concern rather than anger and irritation. Consider how you will approach these conversations, and be sure to approach them intentionally and thoughtfully, not emotionally and without forethought. 

Consult With Their Doctor

If driving safety quickly becomes an issue, you might consider consulting with their doctor. This might give you better insight into what they are dealing with that might affect their ability to drive safely. 

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