Adding to Your Health Insurance

Under federal law, your employer must provide health insurance. The federal law also mandates what it must cover as a minimum, but you may find that your insurance still doesn’t cover all of the items you want it to cover.

You can add a personal policy to your employer-provided package. Central Lakes Insurance Brokers serving Edina, MN can help you do it.

Health Insurance: What You Need To Know

Supplemental Policies Aren’t Just for Medicare

Most people think of Medicare when they think of supplemental health policies. While that does provide the most common reference point for most individuals, a 20-year-old or a 30-year-old could just as easily purchase a health insurance policy in addition to the one they buy through their college’s group plan or that their employer provides.

What Does Supplemental Health Insurance Offer?

A supplemental policy might cover prescriptions or improved hospital coverage. It may offer preventative care or extra coverage for physical therapy or other extensive rehabilitative services. You also might want coverage for items that typical health insurance doesn’t cover, such as dental or vision.

Perhaps your employer’s insurance maxes out quickly on items you would use frequently due to a health condition that you or your dependent experience. You can purchase a second health insurance plan to cover those needs. While this still requires small premiums each month, it can save you big time on medical care costs, especially if you choose a prescription drug plan that provides you with a steep discount on medications.

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