I’m young. Do I need health insurance?

Health insurance can ease your pockets when it comes to healthcare. Even if you’re young and healthy, you may experience health issues that require you to see a doctor. However, paying out of pocket can be quite costly. Regardless of your age, preventative healthcare is a good way to stay healthy and address potential health issues. This can become costly if you don’t have health insurance to make your health care more affordable. 

What is Health Insurance?

When you invest in a health insurance policy, you’re investing in a way to financially cover both preventative and unexpected health situations. Our team at Central Lakes Insurance is proud to explain the numerous benefits of health insurance to our Edina, MN residents.  We are health Brokers that take pride in explaining why medical coverage for illnesses, injuries, and conditions can be beneficial to people of all ages, even the very young. Many people can get coverage through an employer. However, it’s possible to invest in health insurance on your own as well.

What are the Benefits of Health Insurance?

Health insurance takes the bite of medical care in a financial sense. You often pay a small portion for your healthcare visits, called a copay. You will pay less for any covered-in-network doctor visits. This is true, even before you’ve met your deductible. Commonly covered care includes preventative care, checkups, and screenings, as well as visits for injuries and other health issues. 

How Does Health Insurance Work?

In short, health insurance makes healthcare affordable. It’s a way of paying for both your preventative health and any unexpected health issues. It works like car insurance, or home insurance, similar to the way most health insurance policies work. Either through your employer or your own initiative, you pay a specific rate/premium, monthly. In return, a portion of your medical fees is paid by your health insurance for covered medical expenses. Our team at Central Lakes Insurance are Brokers who are dedicated to providing the best healthcare options for our Edina, MN customers. Give us a call. We’re here to help. Central Lakes Insurance Brokers can help you get the insurance you need to suit your unique situation. 

3 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Home Insurance

Whether you have just bought your home or moved to a rented one, getting home insurance is crucial. It offers protection for your home and your possessions as well. Central Lakes Insurance Brokers offers insurance policies for homes to ensure that your valuable possessions are covered against various calamities. If you are a resident of Edina, MN, you can talk to our experts and choose the most suitable cover for your home.

Here are some of the things you should consider before buying home insurance.

Damages Caused by Natural Disasters

Check which damages caused by natural disasters are covered by a policy before buying it. Some policies don’t cover some specified disasters. Some cover these disasters, but upon paying additional amounts to the premium cover.

Coverage Provided

Policies differ when it comes to the kind of coverage. To choose a suitable coverage for your home, determine what you need to be covered and select an insurance cover that provides it. For example, you can choose a policy that only covers the building or include furniture and inbuilt appliances.

Building a home and furnishing it is very expensive. Don’t risk losing everything one day and getting back to zero in case of damages. Let Central Lakes Insurance Brokers serving Edina MN cover your home and the valuable possessions you have.


Deductibles are the expenses you pay for from the pocket when you make a claim against damages. When choosing your insurance cover, make sure you know the deductibles. This avoids paying a huge amount of cash to fix damages.

Getting insurance for your home is one of the best decisions you can ever make since unforeseen events may happen in the future. Contact Central Lakes Insurance Brokers serving Edina, MN to learn more about home insurance and check out various home insurance plans we have.

Is Commercial Insurance an Asset?

Central Lakes Insurance Brokers offers commercial insurance to Edina, MN small business owners. At Central Lakes Insurance Brokers, we strive to serve our community with ultimate passion and integrity. Starting a business entity in Edina, MN is sometimes a daunting task. Various perils like fire, theft, hail and vandalism can strike unexpectedly, jeopardizing your business activities. This disruption of your business can culminate in massive financial constraints, therefore, affecting your business’s income. Nevertheless, buying magnificent commercial insurance can go a long way in safeguarding your business and your employees. Keep reading to establish why commercial insurance is a worthwhile asset.

It’s a legal requirement.

Many states, including Minnesota, require small businesses to carry workers’ comp insurance if a business entity possesses more than one employee. It caters to the medical expenses accrued by your workers if they sustain a work-related injury or get a general ailment.

Protection of employees

 Workers’ comp can safeguard them if your workers sustain injures or get sick while working on your business premises. This coverage helps cater to employees’ medical expenditure if they sustain an injury or contract sickness. Workers’ comp insurance also pays for missed wages and funeral benefits.

Protection of assets

 Vagaries of nature can strike at any time, causing devastating damage to your business. Therefore, commercial insurance is a formidable option that can guarantee and safeguard a business’s assets. For example, many business entities possess treasured fixtures and equipment that are expensive to replace. When calamities strike and damage assets or your assets get burglarized, a commercial insurance policy will provide you with the funds you need to replace your assets. 

Liability protection

  When you sell a particular product or offer a service in your business, you are venturing into a specific form of liability. For example, if a customer gets injured at your place of business, you are likely to be held liable. In addition, general liability coverage caters to lawsuits emanating from slander and copyright infringement.

Are you a business owner in Edina, MN searching for commercial insurance to safeguard your business and employees? Please call or visit us at Central Lakes Insurance Brokers; we do our best to ensure our clients are guarded with affordable and sufficient coverages. 

How to keep your home safe while you are away

Your home is the center of so much of your life. Keeping it safe and protected makes perfect sense. Having the right insurance agent and the right policy make that possible. At Central Lakes Insurance Brokers in Edina, MN, we are committed to providing quality insurance products and helping our current and future customers manage potential risks. Our team of knowledgeable professionals has the tools they need as independent agents to provide what you want and need.

Getting away is perfect for relaxing, but in order to relax, you have to have confidence that your home is safe while you are away. By taking some simple steps, you can be more confident that everything will be well while you are away. 

Arm your security system

If you have a home security system, it can only help protect your home if it is armed and ready. Making sure it is operational and will do its job is important. 

Stop your mail

You can go to the postal service website and set up a temporary stop. Always start it a day or two early to make sure that it is actually working. 

Talk to your neighbors

If you are friendly with your neighbors at all, let them know you will be away and ask that they keep their eyes open for anything unusual. If you are not friendly with your neighbors, have a friend or family stop by while you are away to make sure things are okay. 

Don’t announce your plans

Don’t announce your plans on social media. You never know who might see your plans and take advantage of your absence. Share your pictures when you return, but not while you are away. 

Contact Central Lakes Insurance Brokers in Edina, MN when you are ready to discuss your home insurance needs.

What Can Recreation Insurance do for You?

Some of your best days are spent out and about on your ATV or in your RV. These recreational vehicles bring joy to millions of Americans every year. So, why wouldn’t you protect that investment with a recreational insurance policy? Simply put, this type of insurance is meant for recreational vehicles.

However, it is important to note that purchasing coverage for some recreational vehicles like boats, requires a completely separate policy. In Edina, MN, the Central Lakes Insurance Brokers are the agents you will want to speak with about purchasing a recreational insurance policy.

The Basics of Recreational Insurance Policies

One convenient truth about recreational insurance is that it can be attached to most home and auto policies! This makes it easy to provide coverage for those off-roading vehicles you enjoy so much. There will be exclusions to which vehicles qualify for coverage under this type of policy.

For instance, it typically boils down to whether or not you drive the vehicle on the road. So, if you have a set of four-wheelers or ATVs that you only drive on your property, then chances are you can get coverage. Your insurance agent from Central Lakes Insurance Brokers can give you more details about what vehicles can be covered under a recreational insurance policy.

Benefits of Pairing Your Recreational Insurance with a Home or Auto Policy

Many times, insurance companies will offer discounts when you bundle your insurance policies. Whether your policies qualify for bundling depends on which ones you have. However, it is always a good idea to consult with your insurance agent about how you can keep prices low. 

If you are able to bundle a recreational insurance policy with your auto policy, know that there are great benefits to doing so. For example, the coverage you receive could cover things like bodily injury, property damage, and so forth. Contact Central Lakes Insurance Brokers in Edina, MN for your recreational insurance policy!

Common myths about umbrella insurance you should know

Umbrella insurance is the safety net you run to when your typical liability coverages run out. Umbrella insurance helps you or your business survive when faced with significant liability claims. While umbrella insurance is vital, you are likely to come across misinformation that may crowd your judgment when shopping for coverage. Thankfully, Central Lakes Insurance Brokers of Edina, MN is here to help you avoid common myths about umbrella insurance.

Myth#1: Umbrella insurance is a stand-alone policy

Umbrella insurance isn’t offered as an individual policy. It rides on existing coverages like home, boat, business, or auto insurance. Simply said, umbrella insurance is a rider/endorsement that enhances an existing coverage.

Myth#2: Umbrella insurance is for the wealthy only

You might have heard someone say that umbrella insurance is for the rich and famous only. This preconceived notion is partly true. While umbrella insurance protects individuals with significant assets, umbrella insurance is suitable for anyone earning a livelihood.

We live in a litigious society. And since anyone can be sued, umbrella insurance becomes a must to protect you from significant claims that can wipe out your assets and future earnings.

Myth#3: Umbrella insurance is too expensive

Another myth peddled around is that umbrella insurance is out of reach for most people. Fact check: A research done by Insurance Information Institute shows that it will cost you less than a cup of coffee per day for an umbrella policy of $1,000,000!

Is this too much a cost to protect your assets?

Myth#4: I already have home or auto insurance. I don’t need more coverage

While home or auto insurance is pivotal, it doesn’t protect you when faced with significant claims. Suppose your car insurance has liability coverage of $300,000. If you cause a severe accident, liability claims can exceed $500,000 and counting. Without umbrella insurance, your personal assets could be in jeopardy.

Buy umbrella insurance today!

Read the news today, and you will come across information about someone losing their assets due to expensive lawsuits. The good news is that you can avoid going this route by buying insurance from Central Lakes Insurance Brokers serving Edina, MN and its environs. Contact us today for an affordable quote.

What are the benefits of having health insurance in Minnesota?

People that are in the Edina, MN area will have some very important insurance needs. The most important form of insurance coverage overall could be health insurance. This is an important form of coverage that can help you and your dependents live a healthier life. There are some important benefits that come when you do get a quality health insurance plan in this part of Minnesota. 

Access to Preventative Care

A key reason that you should have health coverage is so you can have access to preventative care. Seeing a doctor and getting medications when needed is something that can help you identify and start fighting health concerns. If you are not insured, you may not be able to get access to this care without spending too much money. With coverage, you can get the care you need at an affordable rate. 

Affordable Procedures

Most people will need some form of procedure at some point in their life. These procedures can be very important and life-saving, but they are also very expensive to receive. If you do not have coverage, the cost can be significant and may not be affordable. Those that invest in a health insurance plan, will have the support they need to afford the procedure they need to thrive.  

There continue to be benefits that come with having a health insurance plan in the Edina, MN area. As you are looking for a health insurance policy here, it would be wise to call Central Lakes Insurance Brokers. There are a lot of choices that come with picking health insurance and Central Lakes Insurance Brokers can make it much easier for you. The team will help to answer your questions and ensure you choose the best plan for your situation. 

Exploring The Different Types Of Permanent Life Insurance Policies

Central Lakes Insurance Brokers is an independent insurance agency. We offer coverage to the Edina, MN community, as well as the surrounding areas. Our primary objective is to make sure that our clients find the policies they need to manage future risks. We will help you assess your options and find the necessary coverage to protect your assets.

The Different Types Of Permanent Life Insurance Policies

At some point, you have to plan for the future. If leaving a legacy behind is important to you, consider the benefits of life insurance. Life insurance allows you to set up protection so that your loved ones are covered once you pass away. Life insurance can help your loved ones make arrangements or handle your estate. The coverage gives your loved ones a foundation to rely on as they cope with your passing.

Permanent life insurance is a popular form of coverage because you are protected throughout your lifetime. You’ll have peace of mind as you journey through Edina MN. Universal policies are considered more flexible than whole life policies because you have the ability to adjust the terms if your life changes. This is an important thing to consider if you plan to start a family or open your own business one day. Universal policies allow you to put something in place if your children decide to pursue higher learning in the future or ensure that your business will continue to thrive after you have passed away.

Variable life policies also offer flexibility as they allow you to pursue opportunities in order to increase the value of your policy. You have to be careful though, as one bad decision can lower the value of your policy as well.

Central Lakes Insurance Brokers Will Guide You Through The Process

Visit our website to learn more information on life insurance.  

When to review your auto insurance coverage

Auto insurance is something that is designed to meet your particular needs. It can be customized in many ways. It is important that you pay attention to your coverage. No one wants to pay too much or have too little auto insurance in the event you need to use it. At Central Lakes Insurance Brokers in Edina, MN we take our responsibility as independent insurance agents seriously. We make sure all of our customers have the mandated amount of auto insurance that the state requires, but we count on them to give us the additional information we need to make recommendations for coverage. 

Review your auto insurance when your policy renews

When it is time for your auto insurance to review you will get a copy of your declaration. The declaration page gives you all the particulars about your policy. It tells you who the covered drivers are, the vehicles, and the amount and type of coverage you have on each vehicle. One of the first things to consider is if your liability coverage is adequate. If your financial situation has improved, you may be under-protected. 

When you add or subtract a driver

The drivers you have on your policy can affect your premium. If your teen drivers have moved on you will be able to get a better rate, and maybe it is time to look for a new carrier. If you have added a driver the same is true, you need to consider if you have enough coverage for a young driver. 

When your car gets old

There comes a time in the life of all vehicles when having collision and comprehensive coverage is no longer cost-effective, and you may want to consider removing that coverage. 

Contact Central Lakes Insurance Brokers in Edina, MN when you need to discuss your auto insurance coverage. 

Do I need commercial insurance in Edina?

If you want to find a good place to start your own business, Edina MN is a great option. This part of the state has a good economy and there is a lot of support for local business. As you are going to start a company here, you should also get proper commercial insurance. There are several important reasons that your business should be covered by a proper commercial insurance policy. 

Insurance Covers Business Assets

A reason that you should obtain a commercial plan when you are in this area is so you can cover your business assets. When you start and grow a company you are going to need to invest a lot in different assets. These assets are critical and include inventory, equipment, and other items. When you have a full commercial insurance policy, the plan will give the coverage you need to cover these most valuable assets

Insurance Gives Liability Protection

You should also secure a commercial coverage plan to ensure you are able to mitigate your liability risk. A business owner is going to take on liability risk on a regular basis. As a claim and judgment could be detrimental to your company, you will want to get protection against the risk. A commercial insurance plan will include a provision that can help to mitigate your liability risk. 

Anyone that would like to start a company in Edina, MN will need to have a proper commercial insurance plan. If you are going to get a commercial insurance plan when you are here, it would be a good decision to call Central Lakes Insurance Brokers. The team of insurance professionals at Central Lakes Insurance Brokers have a lot of experience in helping businesses build commercial insurance plans that protect the company as well as possible.